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K-TAG Master is a professional universal bench programmer for ECUs and TCUs of cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery and boats. 

K-TAG can communicate with all the ECUs, also of the last generation, through a direct connection to the micro. This tool will allow you to read and write the microprocessor of the control unit, the flash memory and the EEPROM. It’s the best choice for the professional who wants to be the best.

The solution K-Tag Master is suggested to professionals who want to have the complete control of the remapping procedure of the car ECU. First you read the files inside the ECU using K-Tag, then you edit their parameters using our software ECM Titanium according to the needs of your customers, and last you re-write them back in the ECU.


  • Complete access to the ECU EEPROM and micro; 
  • Reading/Writing; 
  • Automatic checksum correction; 
  • Activation sorted by microprocessor;
  • ECU data cloning; 
  • Update for new vehicles.


  • ECU files reading; 
  • ECU files writing; 
  • Single software manager: K-Suite;
  • Illustrated multilingual manual; 
  • Non-mandatory subscription; 
  • Backup and cloning available.

An important help is K-Suite, K-TAG software, that easily and step by step will lead you through all the stages: selection of the vehicle or of the ECU you want to work on, updates manuals for any single protocol, necessary cables and also implementations and developments to let your business grow exponentially:

  • DESIGN: Intuitive and totally renewed graphics — user experience improved. From the icon of the vehicles supported to the control dashboard, from the customized details to a software uniformed and easy to use.
  • OPERATING SPEED: The most common operations are instinctive and immediate. In a few steps you will be able to select the tool to be used and the vehicle, finding out which cables and accessories are required and access to the online shop directly.
  • FEATURES: The vehicles’ list is always at hand, more complete and detailed. Thousands of notes and information. The search option in K-Suite is easier and quicker, one single spec is enough.
  • TOTALLY RENEWED TECHNICAL MANUALS: All the descriptions are clearer and easier, a complete and reliable guide to work in total safe. A zoom feature is available to help you during the most delicate steps of your work.


    • K-TAG Master (Tool) 14KT00KTAM
    • Connection Basic Kit 144300KTST
    • Boards to be soldered: 14AS00T01S, 14AS00T03S, 14AS00T04S
    • Cables for MED17-EDC17 14P600KT02
    • Battery cable (crocodile clips) 144300К218
    • USB cable
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