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The eTechnician HDS module provides technicians with the ability to perform heavy-duty diagnostics using both J1708 and J1939 communication protocols on a PC platform. It includes comprehensive coverage for heavy-duty engines, transmissions, brakes, trailers, body controllers, instrument clusters, and emissions. Emission-related diagnostic capability for a wide range of light and medium-duty trucks is also available. And eTechnician HDS enables the technician to easily switch between each of the system elements.




Read Active Fault Codes

Read and Clear Inactive Fault Codes

Graph Parameters

Log Fault Codes and Parameters

Create Log Notes and Save to Vehicle History

Scans All Electronic Modules On the Vehicle (HDS)

Create Custom Parameter Lists (HDS)

View Engine, Brakes, and Transmission Data (LMT)

Includes Generic OBD II (LMT)

Note: eTechnician HDS does not clear fault codes on Caterpillar® electronic engines.


  • This program will be installed via teamviewer.

  • One year warranty with tech support 24/7.

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