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Software features:


EST is composed of hardware and software PERKINS EST diagnostic adapter. EST is composed of hardware and software EST is composed of a software and hardware interface that a user can use to communicate with Perkins 2300/2800 electronic engines (FG Wilson 300 750 KVA range) And FG Wilson Powerwizard control panels ? Is this Communication established through a data link J1939? In general, the EST interface kit provides the user with an efficient tool for diagnosing motor problems and the ability to configure system parameters.


Perkins EST function:


Powerwizard three-level password Configure and / or change system parameters Visualization, graph and record of records of the state of the parameter Displays the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) View and delete active and registered diagnostic codes View and delete active and registered event codes Show, view or change the current configuration file or the Base level Flash file Upload, download and save configuration files See a list of the errors registered by the ECM (engine control module) Perform diagnostic tests Carry out calibrations Print reports and diagnostic results.

Electronic Service Tool 2010b v1.0

  • This program will be installed via teamviewer.

  • One year warranty with tech support 24/7.

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