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The Diamond Logic™ builder software is an
advanced tool that allows users to take full
advantage of the multiplexed architecture
and electronic integration capabilities of the
International® Diamond Logic™ electrical system.
Beyond easy integration of chassis and body
electrical systems, Diamond Logic builder software
accommodates an infinite variety of vehicle
configuration options, enabling dealers and Truck
Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) to create
customized electronic features for your customers.
The Diamond Logic builder software allows both
simple and complex customization – from relocating
switches to load management and sequencing
capabilities. The result: a higher level of performance
and functionality from International® trucks.
With Diamond Logic builder software, International
makes it easier to build the right truck.


Recommended Adapters:


  • NEXIQ™ Technologies – USB-Link2
  • Dearborn Group Technologies – DPA 5
  • Noregon® Systems, Inc. – DLA+, DLA+ Wireless

Diamond Logic Builder God Mode

  • This program will be installed via teamviewer.

  • One year warranty with tech support 24/7.

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