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This application is the electronic tool for servicing Detroit Diesel¡¦s EPA07, EPA10, and GHG14 equipped engines (S-60, MBE4000, MBE900, DD13, DD15, DD16).

8.07 release covers the support for:

• New Cascadia Vehicle SOP Launch(includes support for powertrain ECUs and support for most of
the vehicle ECUs)
• Support for GHG17 Medium Duty (MD) production software release:
• MCM21T - M9.1.2.3
• ACM21T - E9.57.0.0
• CPC04T - R36_00_000a
• Support for GHG17 Heavy Duty (HD) production software release:
• MCM21T - M6.5.0.2
• ACM21T - E7.57.2.0
• CPC04T - R38_00_000a
• CPC302T - R27.53.00 (New Cascadia)
• TCM01T - NAMT117700
• BHM( Bulk Head Module) Programming and Feature/Parameterization client side support.
• Basic support for the CTP01T (FOTA) ECU

Features Highlights of DiagnosticLink 8.00
• Implemented over 200 changes (includes enhancement/improvements, bug fixes, features and panel
support for the New Cascadia and MY17 ECU Software release).
• Included support for new instrumentation, troubleshooting, service routines, and I/O control panels for
the New Cascadia (i.e. CPC302T, SSAM02T, VRDU02T, RDF02T, HVAC, ICUC01T, and MPC01T) in the

• Some of the additional panels include the I/O control panel for Door modules , CGW04T – GVC
Parameter compare panel , Instrumentation and Service routine basic troubleshooting panels for ABS02T and Parameter tabs for CPC302T.

• BHM programming and feature configuration parameter panels are supported.
• FSIC panels for MDEG and MY17 software versions are supported.
• Help file support for both the New Cascadia and M2/C2 panels are included.
• Panels support for EURO4 EPA07 Retrofit Vehicles.
• Panel to support the CTP VIN Initialization

* Perform Standard Fault Code Operations
* Links to Traditional and Advanced Troubleshooting Information
* Read Actual Values
* Perform Service Routines
* Playback Logs of All Connected Activity


Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) version - Engineering - can be used on DDEC VI and newer systems:

 • View information about the connected ECUs;
 • Perform standard fault code operations;
 • Perform traditional and advanced troubleshooting;
 • Read variable values in real time and display them graphically;
 • Perform service routines;
 • Play back logs of all connected activity;
 • Program the CPC/MCM (EPA07) and CPC02T/MCM2/ACM2 (EPA10).



Detroit diagnostic link 8.10 able to edit any parameters

  • This program will be installed via teamviewer.

  • One year warranty with tech support 24/7.

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