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Bendix ACOM diagnostics will provide the technician with the capability to view and repair ABS component diagnostic trouble codes, monitor wheel speeds, display and edit confi guration of ABS ECU, self-confi gure ABS ECU, and test ABS components. Additionally, ACom diagnostics will support Adaptive Cruise with Braking (ACB). This application will support the Bendix EC-60, Bendix EC-17, Bendix EC-30™, Gen 4, Gen 5 (U12 and U16), ABS 2X, Bendix TABS-6, Bendix TABS-6 ADV, Bendix TABS-6 ADV MC, Bendix EC-30T, A-18 ABS ECUs and ACB.

Bendix ACom Diagnostics 2021 v3

  • This program will be installed via teamviewer.

  • One year warranty with tech support 24/7.

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