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Welcome to TRUCKTECH, we are a team specialized in the sale of Toughbooks, equipment used for the diagnosis of your truck; If you are interested in improving fuel economy, reducing emissions, reducing downtime, among others, let us help you with our high quality service, we have a specialized team for this.

These Toughbooks have an extensive diagnostic software package for different brands of trucks.

We also offer the installation of these diagnostic software separately, this process is done via TeamViewer.

Do you want to know more about these Toughbooks ?, here we give you the information!

According to Panasonic, over 501 tests and quality checks are performed during production and all units are subjected to a factory burn-in period.

Several independent tests have been conducted to determine the resistance of Toughbook computers to external forces.

Fully rugged Toughbook models undergo independent lab testing to become certified to meet MIL-STD-810 standards for operation in a range of extreme conditions.


Fully rugged models are also tested for particle resistance and liquid resistance and are rated according to international standards for ingress protection.

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